Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts on Jakob Nielsen's feedback of Twitter

After reading the article in BusinessWeek interviewing Jakob Nielsen on his critiques of Twitter, I thought...

While I agree that not all CEOs should be on Twitter, I do think that companies cannot ignore the power and reach of social networks like it. I actually don’t care to follow too many CEOs. I would rather follow the key people that really are running the business (creative types, people in RnD, the new thinkers that are industry-obsessed about the same things I am obsessed with, etc).

Companies should be using this medium to organically empower people that are passionate about ideals, services and products that all support and align their own purpose. For example, if you produce a widget, why not have someone on your team who is passionate about the industry speak and connect with like-minded people. Building these connections are about establishing brand ambassadors. It’s also about building compassion and passion, sharing information and learning. Take this approach and Twitter makes sense. If you have unrealistic expectations that people will want to follow you just because you are a CEO, well you are missing the point.

Use Twitter to empower those that are most passionate. People will follow.